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You have found a resource that will change your real estate investing business forever. Irby Home Buyers offer many services;

Services we offer:

  • Turnkey solutions: Many smart people are attracted to the high-returns that investing in real estate offers. However, most do not have the time or experience to find, renovate, and reposition the asset so that it’s getting the high Cap Rates desired. The good news is you can partner with IRBY and we can handle everything for you from start to finish. We will work within your budget and timeframe to get you the returns you are seeking.

  • Off-Market Wholesale Deals: Our team scours the market to find the most deeply discounted properties in your market. We deploy very targeted marketing campaigns to find motivated buyers. Once we’ve located them, our team handles the negotiations to bring you, the investor, amazing deals.

  • Private Equity Groups, Hedge Funds, & REITS: Our team works hand and hand with different funds and groups to deliver assets to funds in order to reach their long-term goals.

About Us

IRBY, LLC is a locally-owned real estate investment company located at 503 Government Street in Downtown Mobile.

Originally formed in 2008, IRBY, LLC has been focusing on strategic real estate investments in South Alabama and surrounding areas. We specialize in locating and acquiring off market properties that are uniquely suited for development, rehabilitation or other methods of unlocking hidden value. We own many rental properties, vacant lots, land, commercial properties and other unique real estate investments.

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