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Rhen Bartlett has been the Chief Operating Officer at Irby Homebuyers, LLC, since January 2018. As COO, Rhen Bartlett manages day-to-day company operations, as well as sales training, process implementation, marketing & advertising campaigns, and finances at Irby Homebuyers, LLC. During his brief tenure, Rhen has been able to cut expenses at Irby Homebuyers by 22.45% while simultaneously increasing revenue by 100%, month-over-month. Thanks to Bartlett’s leadership, Irby Homebuyers is now able to focus on market expansion. At the time of this writing, Irby Homebuyers is poised to meet its goal of becoming the dominant player in both the Real Estate Investing and Multi-Family Acquisitions worlds. Rhen Bartlett is a results-driven professional. Rhen has over eight years of experience in operations management, sales, and marketing. Rhen is a business process design specialist and an expert in creating solutions that improve performance and profit. Additionally, Rhen Bartlett is Certified in Google Adwords and Facebook BluePrint.In his personal life, Rhen Bartlett is a full-time single dad to Emi; an avid reader with an interest in leadership and human psychology; a board member at the Mobile area Family Center; and a passionate advocate of local Fatherhood Outreach programs.

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